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Solutions for the Future of Event Industry


Professional events are highly effective in terms of networking, new opportunities, audience engagement and new product launch or just for getting insights.

Creating an event or exhibiting at a tradeshow has a lot of positive impact. However, large amounts of waste are generated as a consequence of each event. And sometimes, the waste issue cause crucial results for the environment, for our planet.

Many exhibiting or organizer companies are well aware of this problem and waste management policies are taking their place in the list of “must-have” of their strategy. At-early stage of projects, it’s necessary to consider raw material usage and the waste production. Waste sorting is an important issue and calculation of the total waste can easily become a real challenge.

We dedicate ourselves to work with companies at every level of their organization as solution partner and the successful outcome is a front of mind for us.

When it comes to creating an event or exhibiting in a sustainable way respecting to budget plan, we know that it can be very demanding and time consuming. We love to think of problems as opportunities and in everything we do, we believe that we can reduce the negative impacts by applying the principles of a circular and regenerative economy.

As Wasteless Event, we take the challenge to reach the zero waste goals. Our approach is to help companies to rethink their project and find new paths for the revalorization of the waste or used materials in a closed loop system.
Is your goal “ZERO WASTE” but you don’t know where to start and how to manage? 

WE can design sustainable practices for your event


Virtual Events are the new normal,you are not feeling comfortable?  WE can help!

The pandemic has changed how we plan our event marketing strategy. In 2020, many tradeshows have been postponed, some conferences are cancelled or some summits moved to online. Unlike before pandemic Covid-19, the new normal can be completely challenging for business development and it brought new rules that require new strategies to adapt.

We understand that decision making in this new normal can be very difficult and it’s always essential to be able to gain the visibility among the industry using digital platforms.  Preparing a virtual event from scratch or picking the right digital event to invest is a real challenge.

Here at Wasteless Event, we specialize in virtual events and believe that the digital solutions offer a huge potential to generate remarkable outputs by connecting all people and opportunities through one platform.

WE can help to select the right technology platform to realize your virtual event,  develop the virtual event strategy including content creation and library, speaker organization, monetization schemes, communication planning, marketing strategy and post event analytics.


We are used to design effective business frameworks in which companies can work and succeed for mutual benefits.
When it comes to assist our clients in their business development, we get together multiple partners to overcome major challenges.

As a result, we grow your success, bring in more profit and return on investment in a sustainable way.

We understand that participating in events, in whatever way, requires a major investment needing much in time and money.

Wasteless Event business development consultancy helps companies in their event projects as well as in operational planning, monetization, marketing and networking organization/B2B matchmaking organization. We can monitor the market, analyze and select the most suitable partners for your projects and strategy; accordingly, we can assist to carry out successful negotiations.

How to host or attend to a profitable event?

WE can turn your business targets into reality